Thanks to a well-balanced weight distribution on the front and rear drum, the articulated RD40 roller models ensure for very uniform compaction results. In addition, all models offer a very good driving stability and first-class maneuverability. The perfect view of the area to be compacted and the large drum diameter also contribute to the premium results. The ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure), which can be folded back for transport, allows for absolutely safe working.
  • Installed articulated pendulum joint ensures for even compaction, a high level of maneuverability and a high level of driving stability
  • Three model versions: Tandem-axle roller with 2 vibrating drums, combination roller or tandem-axle roller with oscillating drum
  • Optimal visual conditions due to the slim design
  • Edge pressing and cutting equipment for a clean edge of the paths
  • Safe ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure) that can be folded back for transport